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About Retail Manufacturing Services (RMS, llc)
Where do you exist on the Relationship spectrum?  What type of business relationship are you perceived to be versus the type of business relationship that you desire in order to achieve long term growth?

Retail Manufacturing Service (RMS, LLC.), leverages over 30 years of; national and international retail corporate level merchandise management expertise, 25+ years of Asia OEM product development, sourcing, procurement, and supply chain experience, and top leadership in sales and marketing positions for international consumer product brands, which collectively drove placement and leading marketshare positioning in national retailers; regional retailers, warehouse clubs, e-tailers, distributors, and exporters throughout the U.S., Canada, Central and South America countries.

RMS drives brand placement, aligns supplier/retail sell-in strategy, oversees continuous management of sell-thru performance, and provides full product lifecycle management and annual product transition management.

Ultimately, through flawless execution of RMS services, fostering continuous business dialog between the vendor and retailer partners, and ongoing engagement with key cross functional team stakeholders through all levels of management we elevate the vendor/retailer relationships to Partner and Strategic Partner status for long term growth.